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Cat Bubble Backpack X YOU

Bubble and Screen let your cat see the world as you travel, from regular vet visits to adventures hiking or at the beach, choice of removable bubble sphere or screen. Pets love being able to see from this cat backpack and feel much safer!

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Cat Bubble Backpack X PIP

This cool boy was named Pip, because he was an orphan, just like Pip from the famous Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. 

Pip loves going to the beach. He has two backpacks and he loves them. One is more for the beach and one for everything else, they are awesome! Super comfy with lots of room.

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Cat Bubble Backpack X Lina

Lina is an adventure cat. She once was a kill-shelter survivor in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Her mom named her after “North Carolina” where she was found. Lina’s Mom has all the way from Colorado for hurricane disaster recovery working 70+hours in the disaster zones and then take little Lina back to Colorado. Lina enjoys adventure time in this backpack and has great fun traveling. Now she can enjoy her second chance at life!

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